Entry #1


2008-06-10 03:16:21 by TheVster

Hi, my name is Verna. I am an independent animator. I am experience one whole year in animation and is now starting to use flash. Although some of my first flash animations won't be up to par, I am willing to keep practicing and better my skills!:) Also I have a DeviantART and a YouTube account so you can contact me their if you wish.^^ So yes, I am new but I will keep trying harder for my goal to be someday a good animator.=3

~Verna C.

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2008-06-10 11:36:20

I've just checked your YouTube account and I admire you a lot. Drawing so much pictures...
Don't worry you like Pokemon! I like them too ^^
Have a nice day!


2008-06-10 23:22:21

hi best friend in the whole wide world...
lol someones been stalking you
cough*KuroiYasha*cough huh?
i didnt say nothing :]
were the same age OMG!